In Focus: agenda Self Serve

As technology continues to offer more ways of improving service delivery, technology is being introduced more and more into the service environment itself.

One technology that has seen increasing adoption amongst service providers are self service check-in systems. From use in airports to GP practices, on phones or through mounted tablets, self check-in processes have become a tool for organisations to reduce admin while engaging customers to interact with the service.

In recent years, Stopford has expanded agenda for registrars by adding both a tablet and mobile orientated self service system designed to improve service delivery and develop more efficient practices.

Today we’ll look in detail at Stopford’s Self Serve extension for agenda and highlight some of its stand out features.

An example of tablet Self Serve
An example of tablet Self Serve in action with Southampton styling



Self Serve features:

Interlinks With agenda

As an extension of Stopford’s leading appointment booking solution for registrars, agenda, Self Serve is able to associate entered details on the tablet with their corresponding appointments via the data held in the diary system. For mobile check-in, a link is issued within the confirmation email linking to the original appointment, allowing the customer to register their arrival for their appointment in as little as 2 clicks.

Upon a match being found on the tablet Self Serve or ‘Check In’ being clicked on the mobile version, the visitor’s arrival will be confirmed, updating agenda’s traffic light system. This allows reception to keep track of appointment progress at a glance and identify bottlenecks, delays and more.

If no matching details for an appointment are found through the entered data, register offices will be able to create custom help text to inform a user of what to do next depending on office, e.g. Please talk to a member of staff at reception.


Designed For Multiple Devices

Designed with a number of touch screen devices in mind, Stopford’s Self Serve system works best on mounted tablets or in its mobile check-in format. With more expensive options requiring a designated kiosk or purpose built app, tablets offer a cost effective and versatile solution, while mobile’s widespread adoption increases the likelihood of self check in.

This flexibility enables registration services to offer a minimum of three ways to check in (mobile, tablet, via reception) and in doing so can help minimise time spent checking in via one channel in particular.

The layout and user interface for Self Serve is also designed to be intuitive, utilising large buttons, a display that has minimal text, and clear prompts for visitors so registering their arrival is made easy.


New Reporting

In terms of reporting, Self Serve adds a brand new report to the existing range of options, ‘Appointment Check in Method’.

This report allows registrars to breakdown arrivals registered by either kiosk (tablet), mobile, or through admin, giving services a good indicator of how visitors are interacting with the service upon arrival and how much time is saved on previously manual check in.


Want to know more about Self Serve?

Self Serve is a free-of-charge module available to all Stopford clients. To arrange the addition of Self Serve to your system, please contact your Project Manager.

To find out more about the module and arrange a demo, follow the link to its dedicated product page.

To see how Self Serve had impacted a number services during its first month live, check out our study below.