RAFTS Certificate Management Purchased By Sunderland

Once hailed as the largest ship building town in the world, Sunderland is synonymous with its ability to adapt and transform with the times.

With over 277,000 residents[1] and a rich industrial heritage, Sunderland City Council have sought to modernise their service delivery in order to best cater their citizens in future. This has included increasing the range of services available through the council website. One particular area of interest was digital certificate management.

To achieve this objective, Sunderland City Council have purchased Stopford’s RAFTS For Registration to manage their substantial certificate library.

Certificate Management For Sunderland

Stopford’s RAFTS For Registration system will facilitate certificate management through tools designed to search, locate and print records.

After importing RSS data from the out-going system, registrars will be able to create new indexes and scan register books directly into the system. By taking records online, previously physical records can now be accessed from digital devices, removing the need to file and store files at various locations. This improves staff access to data while reducing time inefficiencies of delivering certificate copy services traditionally.

By placing all records in one place, Sunderland-based registrars will be able to use the built-in search functions to easily locate certificates. This allows staff to implement complex search queries using filters including date range and profession to find individual records.

When used alongside Stopford’s appointment booking solution, Agenda, the certificate management module enables certificate ordering through an online form. Users will be able to place orders for their certificates after submitting details corresponding to their individual certificate. After submitting their form and completing payment, registrars will be able to see requests and print of the ordered certificate in just a few clicks.

Through efficient service delivery, the certificate management system will assist Sunderland’s registration office in providing exceptional customer service going forward. Find out more about RAFTS For Registration here.

Stopford hope to continue their work with Sunderland City Council into the future.