Southwark Council bring certificate ordering online with Stopford

Home to globally recognised attractions including the Globe Theatre and The Shard, the London Borough of Southwark is a location rich with culture and history. Representing the 9th highest population density in England and Wales, Southwark Council currently faces the challenge of delivering excellent service efficiently to a large population.

In a purchase to modernise their current service delivery for users, Southwark Council will work with Stopford to offer appointment booking and certificate ordering. With an emphasis on simplifying existing processes, Agenda and RAFTS For Registration hope to provide intuitive solutions for both staff and Southwark citizens.

Making Booking Easier

Appointment booking through Agenda will aim to save registrars time and allow staff to focus on their scheduled appointments. With the addition of Agenda, Southwark residents will be able to book appointments remotely through the councils website, giving users access to a customer interface that removes phone queues and waiting times. The convenience of this method hopes to simplify user journeys while offering a reliable, consistent service that can be accessed anywhere.

For staff, this will streamline existing workflows. By empowering those looking to book online, Agenda will reduce the time spent manually inputting bookings via phone calls or walk-ins, maximising time efficiency for registration offices. Additional functionality includes the built-in confirmation and reminder systems. Designed to improve appointment attendance, these automated features will reduce the cost associated with absence without the need for manual correspondence by staff. Finally, Southwark will be able to analyse a number of task specific KPI’s through the integrated reporting system. Agenda will manage recorded data and produce reports which can help determine areas to improve through a few clicks. Find out more about Agenda here.

Certificate Management Made Easy

Designed to manage birth, death and marriage certificates, Stopford’s RAFTS For Registration system has plenty for registrars to look forward to. Utilising certificate records alongside Agenda, Southwark registrars will now be able to offer an online system for ordering certificate copies.

To carry over existing data, RAFTS will extract index data straight from older, unsupported RSS systems, allowing a safe transition to the new system. Southwark Council assets will then be accessible through the built-in search feature, facilitating searches for certificates across the South London borough’s database. This will provide registrars with the ability to store and manage certificate stock from one system.

However when integrated with the previously purchased Agenda system, RAFTS For Registration can then offer even greater functionality. Those looking to purchase certificates will then be able to order copies through the council website. With customers inserting their details into an order form, registrars are able to easily look up the specific certificate and print their order for delivery. This hopes to provide a new channel for an existing service, while also reducing the cost of customer interaction for Southwark Council going forward. Find out more about RAFTS For Registration here.

We look forward to providing on-going support to Southwark Council for the foreseeable future.