The ins and outs of Citizenship Management in agenda

As we covered in our previous post in the Stopford blog (linked here), the UK’s civil registration process for citizenships has continued to adapt and evolve to the challenges it faced. Whether it was the COVID pandemic or the exit from the European Union, this vital service has gone virtual, extended bookings if canceled due to lockdown, and taken the necessary precautions to make sure applicants were safe. 

With the announcement of COVID regulations to be phased out later this month, in today’s Stopford blog we spotlight the citizenship features available in agenda for registrars and how they can help manage Ceremony Managers and Registration Officers with day-to-day tasks as they return to face-to-face.


Attendee Uploads

Receiving applicant lists and managing them manually between two or more systems? agenda for registrars enables the upload of Home Office lists into the system directly from a CSV format or via individual input. This allows teams to add and fill out profiles of those looking to attend, complete with details ranging from when this applicant must have their ceremony by, to their HO reference number. 

By logging users into agenda directly, all of your potential attendees are in one location and can engage with other features within the system, including ceremony assignment via the attendee lookup function.


Attendee Management

Once added into the system, Ceremony Managers and Registration Officers can oversee their applicants across multiple variables, making attendee management easier than ever before. With options to highlight users by their application date, to filtering by those who have yet to attend, teams can quickly locate the users they need to view. 

Users can be edited, archived and even hidden so you have a personalised working list to manage your upcoming citizenship attendees. 


Event Creation and Management

Using agenda’s robust diary system, registration teams can create upcoming ceremonies with bookable spaces both online or from admin itself. Select your date, time, location, total attendee number, applicants, and so much more as you build up to your event. 

Once created, you will be able to oversee all future ceremonies, their free spaces, location and type among other details from one place, making it easy to locate a ceremony and update them as required.


Automated and Adhoc Communications

Alongside all appointment and ceremony types in agenda, automatic and adhoc communications come as options for everything from booking confirmations to reminders. This is no different for your citizenship ceremonies, with automatic trigger options available for both your group and private ceremonies, while templates can be tailored for your preferred communication type whether that be physical letter, email, or SMS. 


Ceremony-Ready Print Options

We know organising a citizenship ceremony can be stressful. That’s why we’ve looked at the little things that can save time and give peace of mind to implement into agenda to support registrars on the run up to an event. 

Within each booking, we offer printing options for a number of different occasions ranging from signature sheets, name sheets for specific seats and registers, all actionable with the click of a button. 


Citizenship-Specific Reports

Stopford offer a number of reports for citizenship management to gather valuable insights on service performance. From the more universal booking counts and online/manual breakdowns, the reporting section also includes options on applicants who have not yet attended and those who have attended by ceremony or payment date.

This gives users a versatile set of data that is recorded automatically, saving teams time from manual inputs and additional reporting. 


Online Booking (and Payments For Private Ceremonies)

The future of bookings has been moving towards a self-service format for years, prompted by greater digital literacy and wider WiFi and data access. In addition to our range of online appointment and ceremony booking options, we offer individual flows for both group and private bookings. 

Our standardised flow enables users to enter their HO reference, name and other qualifying details to get started, before giving choices for ceremony type, allegiance choices and so much more. Payment integration is also possible for private ceremonies, ensuring that fees are taken upfront and stored against attendee profiles for future reference. 

Citizenship ceremonies come as an option within our Registrars Booking solution, agenda for registrars. For more information, check out our dedicated product page.