The Benefits of Integrating Azure AD with Stopford

Over the years, the Stopford development team has facilitated integrations with various third-party applications. From expanding the functionality of booking forms with tools like postcode lookup to combining with council-wide CRM platforms.

As part of our most recent integration expansion, clients will now be able to optionally add an additional layer of access management via¬†Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (AD).

Designed as part of their array of solutions including AI and DevOps, Azure AD offers organisations and their teams a host of new cyber security benefits and greater internal flexibility. It is also recognised as one of the market-leading solutions for ‘Access Management’ by global consultancy Gartner.

Alongside our other Microsoft integrations like PowerBI’s reporting suite, Azure AD is increasingly used among many of our council partners for our registration and room booking solutions to name a few.

So what are the benefits of integrating Azure AD with Stopford and how can your team thrive from its addition? Read on to find out more:


Integration Benefits:

Greater Security

One of the key benefits of an access management tool like Azure AD is its ability to add an extra level of security against external threats trying to access sensitive software and data.

By using tools like multi-step verification, organisations can dramatically decrease the likelihood of a user’s credentials being used maliciously or for the purpose of a data breach. This is crucial for protecting users with high-level access and their administrator-level permissions/controls.

As a result, Azure AD complements Stopford’s existing access methods of username/password, passcode verification (2FA) and more.


Central Control of All Apps

Tying into the previous point, the ability to manage access to specific apps from one location greatly simplifies user access management. Imagine mapping out all of the users in your organisation and then drawing out what systems each person needs x-level of access and permissions. That’s a lot of systems and users to manage, with the only way to control access being through the individual departments themselves, or worse, by contacting the third party service to make the amendments for you!

Azure AD however gives a cloud-based platform for IT teams to see who can access what in real-time from one place. Want to prevent a user from accessing out-going solutions? Through the Azure AD platform, you can restrict access to various solutions for individual or multiple users without having to log in and manually change this one system at a time.


Seamless Verification

For departments that need to access various applications, entering and remembering your credentials can be not only frustrating but also time-consuming. The worst thing is that this happens every day, slowing down your teams’ progress as an unnecessary barrier.

By integrating Azure AD with a Stopford solution, you can verify yourself upon login or in one application, and bypass manual sign-in for your other solutions, speeding up system access drastically and helping get to the features you need faster.


Want to integrate your Stopford solution into your central access management infrastructure? Contact us via our form here to get more details on how to get started.