In Focus: Attraction Booking

The UK has a plethora of sights and experiences perfect for everything from school holiday activities to short getaways. With an abundance of places to see and activities to enjoy, organisations are racing to make their attractions more visible and easier to purchase than before, with attraction web pages and online booking being made priorities.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Digital channels have been growing in popularity across a number of sectors for years. For ticket purchasing in particular, over half of 16-44 year olds have purchased tickets online in 2019 for entertainment (cinema/sports/music), demonstrating the growing potential of providing tickets online (Statista, 2019).

Not only this, but the addition of online booking gives the organisation a number of added benefits including:

  • 24/7 ticket availability
  • Automated payments
  • Automated confirmations

Stopford’s Attractions Booking takes all of the aforementioned benefits and puts them into one system, enabling you to easily set up your attractions online and configure them to simplify your existing processes.

Today we’ll look at the features and functions within Attractions Booking.

Create Attractions

When potential customers are looking for attractions to visit, they have a number of considerations. These may include where the attraction is based, opening times and capacity.

With Attraction Booking, decision-makers can create accurate online representations of their local attractions; complete with descriptions, opening hours for specific seasons and much more that will factor into the booking process.

Create Ticketing Types and Cost Schedules

Publicly owned attractions host a variety of different people every year, ranging from adults to children and families. This warrants the creation of a variety of different ticketing types to cater to your diverse audience, allowing them to book tickets based on their needs and numbers.

Attraction Booking allows you to create a multitude of ticket types, arrange cost schedules throughout the year, and set unique pricing per ticket. This enables organisations to take complete control of their attractions pricing and make the costs transparent for potential customers without hidden fees or third party website commission.

Customisable Booking Journeys

All of Stopford’s booking solutions prioritise creating a user journey tailored for your organisation, collaborating with clients to implement styling elements and booking steps that are in line with your specific requirements.

Attraction Booking is no different; easily integrating your CSS and developing your choice of questions, booking steps and more with you, ensuring that your customers are catered the way you know suits them best.

User management

Managing a number of staff members or attractions? Attraction Booking’s intuitive user management system will enable you to create and assign permissions to individual users based on their authority or relevance to the attraction.

Distinguish particular staff abilities to their role, the attraction and more as you take control of how your attractions and team are managed digitally.

Clever Reporting Features

Reporting tools are essential for measuring the performance of your attraction(s). Using a variety of different metrics across numerous time spans, decision-makers can deep dive into statistics regarding bookings made, income generated and payments failed to name a few.

Using Attraction Booking’s intelligent report features you’ll be able to get the statistics that will inform future decision-making on the attraction, enabling you to tweak your service delivery and optimise your performance.

Interested in trying out Attractions Booking on your local attractions? Contact to arrange a free, no obligation demo of the system with one of our team.