Warrington Council add Ceremony Planner to their registration suite

Completing their suite of Stopford registration software, Warrington Council have purchased Ceremony Planner to join their existing appointment booking and certificate management solutions. 

Designed with the aim of digitising the pre-ceremony process for Warrington-based couples, Ceremony Planner will be deployed to revolutionise how users interact with their local registration service going forward.

Ceremony Planner for Warrington celebrants

Ceremony Planner will enable Warrington Council to deliver a seamless, streamlined process for couples on their journey to their ceremony date. By offering celebrants the ability to submit choices for music, vows and readings through a digital self-serve interface, Warrington couples will be able to complete each outstanding task at their own pace when convenient to them. 

Linking into each couple’s ceremony appointment within agenda for registrars, all decisions submitted via the online planner will update their ceremony booking automatically, giving the registrars assigned to the booking the ability to approve or reject decisions, oversee payments made and more while keeping track of an accurate record of ceremony choices. 

Combining intuitive interface elements including progress meters and colour coded task lists, celebrants will be able to easily recognise their next steps and gauge their progress throughout their journey, enabling couples to pick up where they left off last. 

Another core feature Warrington celebrants can expect from Ceremony Planner is the wealth of guidance and support available from within the system. With the aim of providing ample information for celebrants going through the process online, couples can refer to extensive FAQs provided by the service at any point, giving access to need to know information quickly. Alternatively, the built-in ‘Ask A Registrar’ feature will give users the ability to email their registrar directly with their burning questions, reducing contact made by alternative channels and allowing staff to respond to queries in between conducting appointments at their convenience. 

Warrington Council have also opted into enabling payment integration, allowing the system to quickly accept online payments for various services online including ceremony fees and purchasable items they may look to provide through the planner.

How will Warrington’s service benefit? 

The integration of Ceremony Planner into Warrington’s existing registration software will not only present celebrants with benefits, but will also enhance the efficiency of the service and the effectiveness of agenda for registrars overall.

Shifting channels from telephone and face-to-face to digital will look to create significant interaction cost savings for pre-ceremony process, with the Digital Efficiency Report 2012 finding digital interactions were 20x cheaper than telephone and 50x lower than face-to-face. 

The reduced demand for submitting choices via phone and face-to-face within opening hours will also present the opportunity to significantly reduce choice submission backlogs, with the automated design of Ceremony Planner giving staff more time to handle other queries and tasks through greater time efficiency. 

We look forward to collaborating with Warrington’s registrars in the coming months.